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Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

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  • Health and Holidays gives you for the list of best neurology treatment hospitals in India with top neurology doctors & specialist within your cost. 

    The whole though process of our body goes with the help of nerve and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to different parts of the body. The way we walk and talk depends on this system only. The working of nervous system is hampered due to certain conditions and disorders which do not let it function in the desired manner. The branch of medicine which deals with the diseases of the nervous system is known as neurology. Health and holidays connects you to the best neurology treatment hospitals in India and in turn promotes medical tourism.

    Neurology doctors in India are known as Neurologists. Some of the common symptoms which are managed by a neurologist are –

    1.       Weakness in muscles.

    2.       Coordination problems.

    3.       Change is sensation.

    4.       Confusion.

    5.       Dizziness.

    6.       Problem in senses such as touch, vision or smell.

    Some of the common problems which are managed in best neurology hospitals in India are –

    1.       Brain stroke – Stroke is a medical condition in which our brain does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. This causes blockage in the blood vessels of the brain and results in death of brain cells. There are different tests done to diagnose a brain stroke.  Blood tests are done to manage blood’s clotting time and levels of sugar. Echocardiogram is a test which is basically done to create detailed images of your heart but it also finds a source of clots in the heart that may have traveled to the brain and caused stroke.

    2.       Epilepsy – epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which there is disturbance in nerve cell activity in the brain causing seizures, unusual behavior and loss of awareness. When seizure occurs, the patient loses the control of the body and can cause damage to the body. Seizures can either be sudden or can occur at gradual period of time. They are known as awake seizures when they happen to a person who is awake and nocturnal seizures when a person is sleeping.

    3.       Migraine – it is one of the most sever types of headache. It is a specific type of headache which is of varying intensity and accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine can be identified by severe unexplained headaches particularly on one side of the head. Some of the factors that play a part in triggering migraines are hormonal changes, stress, strong stimuli like loud noises and certain type of food products.

    4.       Dementia – it is a group of diseases in which there is decline in mental ability which is acute enough to interfere with our daily life. The conditions included in dementia lead to decline in the cognitive intellect and hampers the hampers the person’s ability to work. Memory loss is one of the common occurrences in dementia. Some of the common causes are Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia etc.

    Neurology treatment in India includes endovascular surgeries, gamma knife, brain tumor surgeries, awake craniotomy, Epilepsy surgery etc.

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