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Bone Marrow Transplant With Latest Techniques

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  •  Our health should be the main priority while living our life. When we are small, whenever someone asked the question about the main aim of our life, the answers used to vary between becoming a doctor, engineer etc. But as we grow up and learn about life, the whole meaning of living life gets changed. And the answer to the above question also gets changed. When you grow up, the main priority is your health. All of the other things take a back seat and health becomes the first thing to be kept in mind. We have different body parts and they have different use. But this also means that there are different diseases related to those body parts. One body part which can get damaged is our bone marrow. The best way to get rid of this problem is bone marrow transplant. If you are searching for a good hospital, then the best one will be suggested to you by Health and holidays. It will inform you about the best bone marrow treatment hospital in India.

    Bone marrow treatment in India is best imparted with the help of Health and holidays. Our bone marrow is of vital importance in the body. It is a semi solid tissue which is found inside the bones of our body. Bone marrow consists of hematopoietic cells, marrow adipose tissue. Bone marrow constitutes around 4 percent of the total body mass. If you take the example of a normal human being weighing 65 kg, then the mass of bone marrow will be 2.6 kg.

    The main use of bone marrow is to produce blood cells- red blood cells and white blood cells. The main areas bone marrow can be found is our hip bone and thigh bone. If you want to live a normal life, then healthy bone marrow and blood cells are needed. There is fat tissue present in the bone marrow which is a source of adiponectin which helps maintain insulin sensitivity, break down fat, and also helps in decreasing risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. For nay problem in bone marrow, you consult the best bone marrow doctor in India.

    Bone marrow samples are used to diagnose various hematological as well as non hematological disorders and also determine toxicity to drugs and radiation. This makes use of bone marrow even more critical. The best and most efficient way of treating bone marrow is in the form of bone marrow transplant. There are various to undergo bone marrow transplantation. Some of the reasons are given below –

    1. Leukemia is the most common disease for which bone marrow transplantation is done. It is a form of cancer which affects the blood forming tissues. In this condition, the ability for the body to fight infection gets hit.

    2.  Bone marrow transplantation means that you have a new immune system to ward off any disease.

    3.  High doses of chemotherapy negatively affect our bone marrow. If your bone marrow is diseased due to different reasons then bone marrow transplantation is used.

    4.  Bone marrow transplant is also needed to prevent further damage from genetic process diseases such as hurler’s syndrome and adrenoleukodystrophy.

     Bone marrow treatment is done with the help of different methods. Some of the types are –

    1. Autologous transplant – in this type of transplant, stem cells from the patient’s own body are used.

    2. Allogeneic transplant – in this type of transplant, stem cells from the donor’s body are used.

    3. Matched unrelated donor transplant – in this type of transplant, donor is an unrelated person but has a complete human leukocyte antigens match to the patient.

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