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Get Best Possible Treatment in Hepatology Hospitals

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  • We have more than 100 different organs and body parts present in the body. And there are related diseases and conditions to them. To deal with them, there are different medicinal branches. This makes it convenient to the doctors as well as patients. Similarly, there is a branch of medicine which deals with the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of liver, gall bladder, biliary tract and pancreas. It comes under the sub specialty of gastroenterology. Health and Holidays connects you to the best hepatology hospitals in India if you are seeking treatment.

    India is the preferred destination for patients who are looking for hepatologists. This is because of the high quality treatment and relatively lower prices. Health and Holidays is doing its best in promoting medical tourism in India. Diseases and complications arise due to viral hepatitis and alcohol. There are different reasons to seek a specialist. Some of them are –

    1. Swelling of abdomen due to fluid accumulation.

    2. There may be enzyme defects which causes swollen liver in children.

    3. Liver transplantation.

    4. Overdose of drugs such as paracetamol.

    5. Abnormal blood test.

    6. Due to consumption of alcohol or gallstones, there may be pancreatitis.

    7. Systemic diseases like haemochromatosis.

    8. Viral hepatitis infections such as hepatitis a, b, c and e. More than 80 percent of the liver cancer cases are caused due to hepatitis b and c.

    9. Jaundice virus positivity in blood.

    Liver cancer

    The treatment of liver cancer is also provided by the best hepatology specialists in India. Liver cancer is a type of cancer which originates in the liver that is located between the right lung and under the ribcage. It is one of the largest organs of the body. Liver cancer may be triggered from jaundice, abdominal pain, an enlarged liver, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, back pain etc. It is categorized into four stages – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4.

     When the tumor is small and occupies a small part of the liver, then it can be removed with the help of hepatectomy. It is only considered for people with otherwise healthy liver function. If the tumor is not larger than 5 cm or several tumors larger than 3 cm, then it can be solved with the help of liver transplant. A successful transplant reduces the risk of cancer returning back.

    Some of the best hepatology doctors in India use the following treatment option in case of biliary and pancreatic ductal systems –

    1. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) – in this procedure, endoscopy and fluoroscopy is used to see inside of the stomach and duodenum. Conditions such as gallstones, inflammatory structures, leaks from trauma and surgery, cancer etc. A contrast medium is injected into the ducts in the biliary tract and pancreas so that they can be seen on radiographs.

     2.  Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC) – it is a radiologic technique which is done to visualize the anatomy of the biliary duct. It is performed until a more permanent method is found for the obstruction. 

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