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Get Rid of Spine Problems With Treatment From Best Hospital

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  • Spine, also known as vertebral column or backbone is the defining characteristic of all the human beings. It is the part of our axial skeleton and consists of 33 interlocking bones which are separated by compressible and soft discs. Our spine also consists of the spinal canal which is considered as the cavity that encloses and protects the spinal cord. The main role of our spine is to support the body’s weight and protect the spinal cord. It is also responsible to help us in standing while sitting or vice versa. There are some disorders and diseases which can hamper the work of spine. You should consult the best spine treatment hospitals and health and holidays will help you in that.

    Health and holidays assists you in finding the best spine surgery hospitals in India out of all the numerous options there are. If you suffer from back pain, pain is the most common symptom that arises. It is the warning sign of an injury that occurs due to sprained ligament, bone fracture or disc herniation. Some of the common problems due to which pain occurs are –

    1. Osteoarthritis – it is a form of degenerative arthritis which normally occurs in the back and neck in which wear and tear occurs due to age. It is characterized by deterioration of protective cartilage which covers the joints. In this condition, there is backache at the end of the day and numbness in the leg while walking.

    2. Whiplash – it is a term for an injury which occurs to the cervical vertebrae and supporting soft tissues. It is commonly associated with vehicular accidents in which there is sudden jerking of the head with respect to the vertebral column. Spine doctors in India will give you an aspirin, ibuprofen and indulge you in physical therapy.

    3. Scoliosis – scoliosis is a medical condition in which there is sideways curvature of the spine to one side of the body. This condition results in our spine being S shaped. This condition progresses gradually and the detection may be possible only in adolescence. A brace may be included in the treatment of this condition.

    Some of the best spine surgeons in India will suggest you the following surgeries –

    1. Spinal fusion – two or more vertebrae are joined together in spinal fusion.  It is the most common surgery for spine correction in which screws, rods and plated are supplemented.

    2. Discectomy – it is the surgical procedure to remove the herniated disc form the body. In this procedure, central portion of an intervertebral disc is removed which causes pain.

    4. Spinal disc replacement – the damaged disc is replaced with the help of an artificial one. A prosthetic implant made of metal or plastic is used to maintain the motion of the body.

    5. Vertebroplasty – it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done to stabilize the spinal fracture and stop the pain. Small punctures are made in this procedure through which small needles are inserted.

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