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Treatment of Heart With the Help of Best Hospitals

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  • Heart is considered as the most important organ present in our body. Our body is made of different organs and system which enables us to perform in a normal manner but nothing is as important as heart. It is the size of a closed fist whose main function is to circulate blood to different parts of the body. You need to make sure that heart is working properly otherwise it can be dangerous to our health. The branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and disorders of our heart is known as cardiology. There are many cardiology hospitals in India but Health and holidays connect you to the best ones.

    Heart and holidays makes sure that you get the finest cardiology treatment in India. Heart diseases are often related to the lifestyle factors that affect our arteries. Smoking coupled with high blood pressure or hypertension causes inflammation and irritation of the inner lining of the artery.  Cholesterol and diabetes are also two main causes which can get collected in the inflamed areas and begin the formation of the plaque. This plaque has the potential to break open which leads to the formation of blood clot which can block the artery. This in turn will prevent oxygen rich blood from being delivered to the heart muscle beyond the blockage and that particular part of the heart muscle begins to die.

    Treatment methods in cardiology hospitals in India depend on the medical condition which affects the individual. Some of the common types are –

    1.       Coronary artery disease – lifestyle changes along with medication and angioplasty.

    2.       High blood pressure – consumption of salt should be minimized in high blood pressure. Regular exercise and medication helps in controlling high blood pressure.

    3.       Cardiac arrest – it is a major condition related to heart which can also turn fatal if immediate CPR or defibrillator is not used.

    4.       Congenital heart disease – these diseases are treated with the help of catheter procedures and surgery. In severe cases, heart transplant is also done.

    Different tests are required in diagnosing the problem and these tests are done after checking a patient’s height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar level etc. Best heart specialists in India carry out the following tests –

    1. Electrocardiogram – It is also known as ECG and used to record the electrical activity of our heart over a period of time. Electrodes are helped in performing this procedure that is placed on the skin.

    2. Ambulatory ECG – in this test, heart rhythms are recorded when a person is doing physical activity. A holter monitor is present which records the reading.

    3. Echocardiogram – in this test, an ultrasound picture is shown of the heart structure and the surrounding areas. Inflammation of the heart is also detected.

    Heart surgery hospitals in India are capable of giving the following procedures –

    1. Coronary artery bypass graft – this procedure will be suggested to you if you have significant narrowing in the heart and blockages of the heart arteries. In this procedure, new routes are formed around the narrowed and blocked arteries.

    2. Beating heart surgery – while performing this surgery, heart won’t be stopped. One section of the healthy vein is removed and attached to the heart above the blockage in the artery. Normal blood flow is restored once the vein is attached.

    3. Minimally invasive surgery – these surgeries are getting very famous. In these surgeries, small incisions in the chest walls are made. A small camera and special tools are inserted through the incisions. Robot assisted heart surgery is a common type of minimally invasive surgery.

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