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Weight Loss Surgery To Increase Longevity

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  •  Increase in weight is an issue which can bother anyone. It can hit you irrespective of your age and sex. There are various different reasons for increase in weight but two most common ones are due to lack of exercise and bad diet. We don’t get enough free time to indulge in physical exercise. They are very important to keep us healthy. Not only weight related issues but other diseases are also limited due to exercise. And then there is diet. We eat a lot of junk food and don’t take proper nutrition which is very important to keep us healthy. This has affected us badly. But in some of the cases, there are diseases which can cause increase in weight. If you think that your life is hindered a lot with increase in weight, then you should undergo weight loss surgery. Health and holidays connects you to the top most renowned weight loss surgery hospitals in India.

    Health and holidays promotes medical tourism in India. It helps you in connecting to different doctors in India. Weight loss specialists are one of them. Surgery which involves weight loss is known as bariatric surgery. It is for those people who are suffering from acute obesity. It is an end term option for people who have failed an adequate exercise and diet program. People having BMI of over 40 are usually suggested for bariatric surgery. It is also an option for people who have BMI between 35-40 but suffering from health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

     Weight loss surgeries comes with various advantages such as –

    1. Daily activities will be possible which were previously not advisable due to massive weight.

    2. There is longevity of life as mortality rate is highly reduced.

    3. Fertility problems are also eradicated.

    4. Weight loss also decreases diabetes, blood pressure and hypertension.

    5. Overall quality of life is also increased.

    There are different surgeries imparted in weight loss treatment hospitals in India

    1. Gastric banding – it is a type of restrictive weight loss surgery in which an inflatable band is used to squeeze the stomach into two sections. The upper section is smaller whereas the lower section is larger in size. A very small channel connects the two sections which slow down the emptying of the upper couch. This will make you consume less food. This is a simple procedure which is also safe in nature. There is a very small scar and the recovery is also very swift. If you want to remove the band, then it can be removed with the help of a surgery.

    2. Sleeve Gastrectomy – sleeve gastrectomy also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery in which a part of the stomach is reduced so that the amount of food which is consumed is restricted. Our stomach is reduced to around 15 percent of the original size. It is a permanent solution although there can be some dilatation in future. Some of the best bariatric surgeons prefer this surgery for people who are very obese or sick.

    3. Gastric bypass surgery – it is the most common type of weight loss surgeries in India. Both restrictive as well as malabsorptive surgeries are combined in this procedure. Stomach is divided into two parts, sealing the upper section from the lower one. Lower section of the small intestine is directly connected to the upper stomach. The parts of the digestive tract are skipped which means that fewer calories are absorbed. Weight loss with this surgery is swift with better long term result. 

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