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Welcome a Baby With Best In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Specialist

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  • It is the dream of every parent to have a child. Raising a child together is the most satisfying feeling that you can get. The happiness which a baby brings in the house is unmatchable. But this happiness may not come naturally to every family. There may be fertility issues in any or both the parent. If you are suffering from any fertility related problem, there are many treatments available out there. Health and holidays connects you to the best IVF specialist in India and those hospitals are considered as the best fertility treatment hospital in India.

    Infertility is a medical condition of not being able to conceive. In this condition, a female cannot get pregnant even after having timed and unprotected sex for one year. This inability can be in both males and females. Being infertile is not considered as the natural state of being healthy. In the case of males, there is problem in sperm whereas in females, ovulation problems may occur. There are many fertility doctors in India but the best ones are only available at Health and Holidays.

    The problem of infertility is different in males and females. Causes of infertility in females are -

    1. In women, ovaries are not working in the normal manner even before they turn 40.

    2. Hormonal disorders are common. In PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, cysts appear on the outer edges of the enlarged ovaries.

    3. Poor egg quality also hampers the normal pregnancy.

    4. There can be problem in uterus which is the place where the fertilized egg grows.

    5. There is risk of fertility problems if a woman has undergone radiotherapy near the reproductive organs.

    Causes of infertility on males are –

    1. The most common reason in males for infertility is low sperm count.

    2. There may be problem in the shape of the egg which makes it difficult to move and fertilize the egg.

    3.  Low sperm mobility is also a reason.

    4. Testicular infection may also occur.

    5. Overheating the testicles due to frequent saunas or working in hot environment will lead to abnormal sperm.

    In today’s time, there are various different treatment options and the most common and famous out of all is IVF. Health and Holidays will give you the Best IVF treatment in India. IVF is the most preferred procedure to treat infertility. It is considered as an assistive reproductive technology in which the process of fertilization of the egg takes place.

    The process of fertilization which normally happens inside the body is done outside the body. Eggs are taken out from the female body and combined with the sperm. The procedure of taking out eggs from the female body is done with the help of a hollow needle. Insemination is done in a laboratory dish. After the eggs are fertilized, they are transferred to the woman’s uterus after three to five days of fertilization. There are many IVF and fertility doctors in India but you will get the best IVF doctors only with the assistance of Health and holidays.

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