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Why is Cancer a Deadly and Fatal Disease

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  • One of the most deadly diseases known to human beings is Cancer. In this condition, there is development of abnormal cells which divide uncontrollably and have the potential to invade and infiltrate normal body tissue. If not contained at early stages, it can invade all the parts of the body and can also prove to be fatal. The branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer is known as Oncology. But the survival rate of this disease is increasing due to many treatment options possible. Health and Holidays helps you in connecting with the best cancer treatment hospitals in India.

    What even cancer even more potent is the fact that there are no specific causes. There are many risk factors associated but even if you keep away from these risks, you can get affected by it. Some of the risk factors related to this condition are – 

    ·         Tobacco is the most common reason of cancer deaths in the world. 1 out of every 5 deaths occurs in human beings due to cancer only.

    ·         It takes a long time to develop. There are some types of cancer which may take years to diagnose. That’s why many people who are diagnosed with Cancer are 50 years or older.

    ·         Gene mutation allows rapid growth of cells and makes mistakes when repairing DNA errors. There are some congenital birth defects as well as some of the defects that occur after birth.

    ·         Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking etc increases the risk. Changing these habits can lower the risk of cancer.

    ·         Exposure to sun or frequent sunburns should be limited down.

    Best cancer doctors in India use the following diagnostic tests in diagnosing the disease –

    ·         Physical exam – a physical exam will be done by the doctor to indicate a tumor. He/she will feel the areas of the body for lumps, look for change in skin color or enlargement of an organ that may indicate the presence of cancer.

    ·         Imaging tests – top cancer hospitals in India uses imaging tests such as CT scan, bone scan, MRI, PET scan etc among others in a non invasive way.

    ·         Biopsy – In some of the cases, it is the only definitive test of diagnosis. In this test, a sample of cells are collected and tested in a laboratory.

    Medical oncology treatment in India comprises of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. It stops the cell from growing and dividing. As the drugs used in chemotherapy are powerful, they cause damage to many growing cells including some healthy cells. It can also be used after surgery or therapy to kill any remaining cells. The main goal of chemotherapy is to delay or slow down the cancer from coming it back.

    Similarly, the best oncology hospitals in India use immunotherapy. It is the process of activating the immune cells to fight against cancer cells. Vaccines when injected, triggers the immune system to recognize and destroy that antigen or related materials, thus killing the cancer cells. Targeted therapy is a treatment option which is very different from chemotherapy. It works in a pattern of targeting the specific genes or proteins.

    In case of complex cases, Surgery is done. Oncology doctors in India remove the tumor and the surrounding tissues during an operation. In debulking, whole tumor is not removed. This surgery is used to remove as much tumor as possible. For removal of any side effects of tumor, palliation is used. It plays an important role in improving quality of life.

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