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1. What is medical tourism?
The procedure of travelling from one’s own country to another one for receiving health care facility is known as medical tourism. The concept of medical travel is trending because of two reasons. One of them is the affordability and the other is the quality of treatment that will be better than the patient’s own country. Mostly, people from less developed nation or nations where getting medical care is highly expensive, tend to fly abroad.

2. Why chose India for medical travel?
Medical tourism in India is on the rise. This industry is growing at a rate of 30 percent every year. India is the preferred choice for everyone as it is very convenient traveling here. Promoted by the government and fuelled by the corporate boom, patients cross the border to get treatment that is multiple times cheaper than their own countries. India is a home to highly trained and experienced doctors which is another critical reason for the preference.

3. Why is HNH the best option?
We are in the medical domain as our main aim is to help people in their difficult time. We understand that there is need of professional help and we provide just that. Each and every method that we adhere to, is transparent and out in the open for you to assess. Complete list of doctors is provided so that a patient can select according to the convenience. Right from complimentary pickup from the airport to after care services, we cover every vertical.

4. What Services are included?
Our medical travel program covers a wide range of services to elevate the warmness level of your travel. We will brief you about everything right from the beginning. You don’t need to worry about anything as we will shoulder all your worries. Kindly follow the given link to know about our facilities in detail - Our Advantages

5. Should cost be considered as the most important factor?
The answer to this question is a big no. The quality of the treatment that you are going to receive is the most important factor. But, cost also plays a role in medical travel. The main motive of medical travel is to provide high quality treatment in affordable price. The treatment that you will receive will be less expensive than your own country.

6. What will be my savings?
The savings range anything from 30 – 90 percent. For example, an open heart surgery that you will get in USA will cost you $125,000 but in India it will only cost you $5,200. Similarly, there are different procedures where you will save a lot of money. The list of all the procedures with cost comparison to different countries is provided below – Pricing

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