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  • Ali Al-Shimmeri  

    Diagnosis-Spine failure (Level 4-5)

    Treatment - Spinal Disk Replacement


  • Mr. Katimbo Mohamed Kasule  

    Diagnosis-Enlarged Diverticulam(Bladder) (Severe Urine Retention)

    Treatment-Robotic/Open Diverticulectomy


  • Mr. James Kalebbo  

    Had been struggling to find a right doctor who could give him the reasoning for his enlarged prostrate. Due to lack of medical infrastructure in his city, he started to look for good medical centres outside his base. His search ended with us guiding him to Dr Gagan Gautam, who performed robotic prostatectomy surgery on him. Today Mr. Kalebbo is our brand ambassador in Uganda and has been helping people in his area attain world class medical care thorough our network.


  • Ali  

    Is a businessman in his country and the only bread earner for my family. His life came shattering down when his doctors told him that he was suffering from adenocarcinoma(cancer). However this did not stop him for looking for super skilled doctors for his disease. His search ended by contacting HNH who referred him to Dr Ashok Vaid. below are his words:“They gave me opinion from some of the best hospitals and coordinated my entire treatment and stay flawlessly. I can not thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family.”


  • Mohd Zaher  

    Obesity has always been there in our society. Mohd Zaher was also one of them. He is a young gentleman who has been recently diagnosed with early stage of diabetes. But the main problem started when his bones refused to take his weight and he was unable to walk properly. That is when we came to his rescue and helped him change his life by undergoing Bariatric Surgery. The surgery not only helped him walk over a period of time but also helped him get rid of diabetes. Today he is one confident man.


  • Anmar  

    Is one of our success stories. He was suffering from Liver failure and was unable to find a donor in the family. The doctors had also given up hope in lieu of non availability of a donor. However we advised him to go for the transplant with his first line cousin who was the only possible match. When the donor agreed, they were taken for the surgery. It wasn’t easy but then it was not even impossible. After an extended stay in the hospital, Mr Anmar was released from the hospital. Today he is on his own leading a normal life. He comes every 6 months for his followup to India.


  • Mr. Buhamizo arrived  

    In New Delhi, India in May 2015 for surgery of his Prostrate Cancer.He was greeted at the airport by Ali, his case manager who has been his constant guide for his duration of stay. He became like a part of our family. We used to have long conversations over evening coffee as well. Before leaving he said a few word about us as as stated below:“HNH is very dynamic organization and has always given me personalized care. They communicate very well. They responded very readily to all our queries and requirements without any complaints whatsoever. I would certainly like to recommend their enthusiasm for their work.”


  • Justina  

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, meet Justina a perfect example. She was diagnosed and treated for carcinoma breast two year back. However the disease did not stay away from her for long and she had recurrence after one and a half year. This time it was not only the primary disease but many other illnesses that started. She came to us on a stretcher and the first words that she told us were “I hate stretchers”. That (day of arrival in India) was the only day she was on a stretcher. She underwent various chemotherapy and surgeries but she always surprised us with her will to go on and get well soon. Till today she continues to be an example and inspiration for our team.


  • +9*

    Amy Friers  

    A small step for a big leap is what Amy Friers came to us for. After having tried many hospitals and doctors globally for infertility, she could not get an answer. Unabashed even after many attempts she contacted us. With expertise by our side, we helped diagnose and treat her ovarian cyst. We also explained her that it was one of the reason that was holding her back from motherhood. She underwent surgery and is hale and hearty today. Now she plans to go on the family way soon, and all thanks to our expert IVF doctors whom she believes in.


  • Mr. Kollie  

    Is a member of the Liberian Parliament. His busy schedule always keeps him on his toes, leaving little or no time for his health. However his wife contacted us for a health checkup to keep a check on his health considering the stress levels in his field of work and age. In coordination with our team, his wife planned a short trip for their health checkup. Everything went on as planned and they were free to go back in 2 days. After being impressed with the arrangements and facilities on offer, he praised our service and promised to add an annual health checkup to his routine. Below is something in his words:
    ” I Moses Y Kollie including my wife Mrs Ellen C Kollie actually enjoyed the level of good treatment in terms of service provided to us by this group”


  • -

    Mrs Hadija  

    Came all the way from Uganda to us to get Kidney Transplant done. After struggling for several years with dialysis she finally took the plunge and decided to go for the surgery. She had a lot of apprehensions, but those were all cleared with just one initial consult with our doctor. Her husband was the only compatible donor who could give his kidney. After many rounds of discussions she underwent the surgery and is now leading a normal life without having the hassle of going for dialysis every alternate day.


  • Mr. Moosa Kadhim  

    Meet Mr. Moosa Kadhim, father of Dr Ameen Alyasri (Dean of Nursing Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq). When all the option failed to undertake his high risk open heart surgery in his home country, Mr. Kadhir looked towards India with Hope. His hope were further strengthened by his case manager at HNH. He was operated by world renowned Cardiac Surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan. He is currently recovering well and has promised to help many other patients suffering from the similar cardiac issues.


  • Mr. Razzaq Jawad  

    Mr Razzaq Jawad from Iraq, came to us with diagnosis of AML and successfully underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. He was worried about communication issues in a foreign country. In his own words, our Arabic fluent interpretors made him feel at home.


  • Iraq  

    This gentle man from Iraq underwent a successful Bone Marrow Transplant a year back with us at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. He came back for a follow-up and was glad to find all his investigations concluding him to be disease free.


  • Liberia  

    A reputed lawyer from Liberia, came to us for routine whole body examination. Fortunately for him during the examination our specialists detected an early stage Prostate cancer. He was counselled by our specialists about his options and surgery seemed the best at this stage. He went back to his home country, prepared himself for the surgery and today, 9 months after the diagnosis he is free from the disease after having undergone a Radical Prostatectomy.


  • Hussein  

    Hussein a young boy from Iraq, was accident victim who suffered a broken neck after falling from a bike. He had traumatic tracheal stenosis and underwent a laryngeal resection and reconstruction under our highly qualified Head & Neck surgeons.


  • Cerebral Palsy  

    A child born with Cerebral Palsy, a progressive nerve disorder. At the age of 8 this boy had serious limitations in his limbs due to the disease. He came to us and got evaluated by our Neurology and Orthopaedicians. The family agreed to undergo Ligament transfer and tissue release surgery for both his legs and hands. The child is undergoin physiotherapy and looking at brighter future.


  • Mr Muktar Tukur  

    From Nigeria underwent an Open Heart Valve repair surgery at Medanta – The Medicity. He found himself in a serious dilemma when he heard about the new foreign exchange regulations by the Nigerian government. But then he contacted us and that was the end of it. Our team at H&H took care of all his logistical needs.


  • Mr Ahmed Waheeb Faraj  

    An Iraqi gentleman came to us with Multiple Myeloma and underwent Autologous BMT at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. BLK Super Speciality Hospital is the largest BMT centre outside the Americas.


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